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Digital Ambassadors

Following are meeting notes from Fall 2016:


Defining the use of SAMR is a model that is used to interpret the use of digital technology for learning; it helps us understand if we are using technology as a substitute for paper or if we are using technology in more engaging ways to support learning.

The BC Digital Classroom online resources have been re-organized for easier use by teachers and students. Go to our library software, to access the online resources or Of particular note is the vast number of curricular video resources available in Learn360; this does not include licensing for mainstream feature films or TV shows (animated or otherwise)


Use the "Chrome Store" to install apps; this has been customized for our Google Education Suite; students can do this on their own or teachers can email Gary Toews who can add apps for the whole class. When a District Chromebook lid is closed, students are logged out right away (as a security measure). Everything a student does with their account can be "seen" by the District.

Great Apps

  • Adobe Spark works on iPads and Chromebooks; every Elem division has their own login - contact Gary Toews.
  • Seesaw, ClassDojo, and FreshGrade are also excellent apps that work on computers or iPads.
  • FreshGrade is specifically recommended at the Elem and Mid levels and there are 7 teachers in the District testing the Enterprise (paid) version of FreshGrade; a decision will not be made until later this school year as to whether the paid version will be available at all Elem and Mid schools starting next school year; an iPhone 4S is available to teachers who are using FreshGrade so that they can avoid having any student images, video, or audio on a personal device
  • Epic Books is very popular, particularly at younger grade levels
  • continues to be the main launch point for our Google Education Suite of apps for teaching and learning; look in the FAQ documents for more details on process

Bring Your Own Device (BYOD)

  • For Mid and Sec schools
  • Any use of BYOD must be approved by the IT Manager and Digital Learning Administrator; a discussion related to implementation is needed as well as a bandwidth performance analysis
  • There is a consent form for student BYOD

Additional Tools/Resources

  • SelectSurvey is a survey tool that is located on District servers making it an excellent choice for anyone needing to collect student data to be FOIPPA compliant; contact Gary Toews for an account and training if needed
  • The new version of Google Sites is recommended for websites
  • Moodle continues to be available for teachers who want to use a more full-featured LMS (learning management system) with their students (compared to Google Classroom which is more basic); contact Zhi Su

Mail and Calendars

  • or Outlook on the computers continues to be our main email and calendar platform
  • Please do not use Google for work email that contains any private data
  • If you are using Google Classroom with students (who must have signed consent forms) then mail is intended to be used primarily for notifications

Fraser Valley Regional Library

  • There are some excellent digital resources available through the FVRL for anyone who has a library card
  • The District will not be purchasing licenses this year as is available through the FVRL
  • Tumblebooks is also available through the FVRL along with many other digital resources

MyEducation BC

  • Pop-Up blocking should be turned off so that report cards can be printed (Elem and Mid levels at this time)
  • The Teacher Help Page is regularly updated; contact Deirdre DeGagne for more information

Elementary Digital Toolkits are now ready


  • See the "iPads in the Classroom" document in the Elementary Digital Toolkits folder
  • The SD34 app catalogue is on all iPads; any app listed can be installed; after clicking "install" leave the iPad or iPads running (plug them in and leave them)
  • If other apps are needed contact Gary Toews
  • iPads can be customized with folders and apps that can't be moved around; contact Gary Toews

Role of the Digital Ambassador

  • Ideally the role is one of instructional coach
  • It's okay to help with tech issues if it only takes a few minutes (do not do the work of an IT Technician)
  • Some DAs speak or demonstrate at school staff meetings
  • Communication to staff and being the "go to" person for digital learning and tech questions is important
  • Identify the difference between tech and hardware issues (ITC, work orders, etc.) vs. education support (Digital Learning dept., Helping Teachers)

Redbird continues in our District

  • Available at no cost to the school for all new DAs; contact Zhi Su for an account
  • For anyone interested in doing Redbird as professional development paid for with their ProD funds contact Zhi Su